Our Focus

Tai Chi, Qigong, Neigong

Energy Work

A combination of Tai Chi movements, Qigong postures, Nei Gong energy cultivation breathing techniques and Tibetan meditation exercises to help you to build up your physical and mental health

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Medical Qigong

Traditional healing techniques and ancient wisdom from India, Tibet and China combined with modern scientific understanding. Short courses for specific ailments or the complete 9 Level certificate course in traditional healing

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Martial Qigong

Harness the immense power of internal energy (chi/ prana). This unique practice is for serious martial arts or fitness  enthusiasts. The intensive training focuses on traditional internal energy training systems of Tai Chi, Qigong, Neigong and Yoga

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Sevangee and Bamboo

Sevangee has taken ancient techniques from traditions that were once secret and hidden. From this we have created various training programs that range from health and fitness to medical applications and even advanced martial art training, all of which will allow you to tap into the  hidden energy within you, to initiate your true potentiality - helping you to grow and evolve, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. When explaining the versatile nature of our training and the philosophy behind it, we often use Bamboo as an analogy to understand how it works

Initiates Strength

Bamboo is hollow but strong. So we empty ourselves of ego to truly gain strength

Initiates Flexibility

Bamboo is flexible and can bend in high winds. So we make our mind and body flexible to survive the upheavals of life

Initiates Balance

Bamboo is thin and narrow but stands firm and rooted. So we learn balance and stability

Initiates Nourishment

Bamboo is also a source of nourishment. So our practice nourishes the body, mind and soul

Initiates Creativity

Bamboo is used to create and build things. So we use our creative energies to bring about positive change within us and the world around us

Initiates Protection

Bamboo can be used to protect and defend. So we train our body to protect ourselves from external forces as well as the internal

Initiates Connectivity

Bamboo sustains and connects many communities. So we connect different cultures with common spiritual goals of harmony of body, mind and soul

Initiates Perfection

Bamboo starts its life from a shoot striving for perfection. So we must nurture the shoot within us and strive for perfection - physically, mentally and spiritually

What we believe

We believe in the tremendous potential of traditional Eastern energy practices like Tai Chi, Qigong, Neigong, Neidan, Shengong, Yoga, Pranayama, Dhyana, Tsa Lung & many more. They have a unique ability to develop the Physical & Mental fitness of a practitioner to initiate the potentiality  of an individual that is more than ever required in today’s world


What we do

We teach methods of mind-body-energy training based on traditional Energy Work, designed to tackle all aspects of a person’s growth: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, towards the betterment of individual lives. We use multiple formats of teaching - public classes, private sessions, workshops, organizational training and more. Our teaching is carried out in-person as well as online

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Who we are

Headed by Tai Chi, Qigong & Neigong expert Christopher Fernandes, Sevangee is an organization committed to the teaching and spread of traditional Eastern energy practices, whether as a martial art, or a healing medical art or as a psycho-social form of training, as they apply to individuals in contemporary society. Sevangee is headquartered in Mumbai, India but has instructors in several locations and conducts programs for all parts of the globe.

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To know the path of Universal Life Force is easy,
to keep from speaking about it, is hard.
To know and not to speak is still the hardest.
To know and not to tread on it, is next to impossible
The understanding of the little man never gets beyond gifts and wrappings, letters and calling cards.
He wastes his spirit on the shallow and trivial, and yet wants to be the savior of both the world and the way,
to blend both form and emptiness in the Great Unity. Such a man will blunder and go astray in time and space; his body entangled, he will never come to know the Great Beginning
If you use unfairness to achieve fairness,
your fairness will be unfair.
If you use lack of proof to establish proofs,
your proofs will be proof-less.
Yet many trust themselves that they can see and immerse themselves in such affairs
Guideline to flow with Universal Life Force:
Changing without selfishness;
decisive but without any control;
responsive to things without dividing in two.
Not absorbed with reflection.
Not calculating in knowing how.
Not choosing among natural kinds and flowing along with them.
These are part of the ancient guiding methods
If you select then you cannot be comprehensive,
if you teach you cannot convey all of it.
The sage does not leave anything out,
that's the guiding line towards the flow
The present generation prefers stuffing themselves, whereas the sages alone choose emptiness and void.
The Sages said, don't store and you will consequently have more than enough.
In doing nothing you will have more than enough.
The less you have the lighter you are,
and in tune with the flow
Diffuse, barren and without shape, changing and transforming without taking anything as constant,
with life or with death, balancing natural consistencies and earthly cycles, moving with effective discernment - Lost! Where am I going? I've forgotten! What am I trying to match up to?
All the different natural kinds are arranged and none are up to being a point of return.
So let me flow
The spirit within you does not reside in views;
it moves like water, it rests like a mirror,
it responds like an echo.
If you ignore it, as if it was lost, it remains,
and keeps on reflecting one's own action, and constantly follows us, no matter what we do, what state we are,
till the end of time of this physical body
Let your mind wander in simplicity;
blend your spirit with the vastness,
follow along with things the way they are,
and make no room for personal views,
and you will be with the flow
A single goal to become empty, empty of thirst,
empty of wishing, empty of dreams, empty of joy and sorrow.
Dead to the mad world, to find tranquility with an empty head,
to be open to miracles in unselfish thoughts – like an empty cup, - that’s my goal.
Let the mind be like a bright mirror,
Reflecting our physical and mental weaknesses,
Polish it constantly so that Tai Chi is seen
Neither sadness nor joy,
neither likes or dislikes,
Neither habitual desires or attached to a situations,
Then only you are ready to Unleash your Potential
Wu Chi emanated Tai Chi, since from,
Tai Chi comes yin and yang, And all things are created by Yin and Yang.
Yin becomes Yang and Yang becomes Yin, 
Becoming aware of becoming of Yin & Yang
is Tai Chi!
In Tai Chi there is no attack or defense,
Since there is never an attack, 
It is a moment gone astray, 
Without our realization!
Refining the mind and purifying the body,
Maintaining mindfulness and body alignment,
These are mere tools,
but Tai Chi is beyond all these,
it is being in that moment totally,
When the Unleashing of Potential happens!
Ward, roll, press or push, is pointless;
Till the linear becomes curve,
Opponent’s advances should be lead to emptiness,
By being aware and initiating the skill at that moment!
Every action has a reaction,
Neither the action nor reaction is important,
The vital importance is the transformation,
Of action into reaction!
The search is neither outside nor inside,
It is the will to search, that's the difference.
Consumed with anger, I look ugly,
Consumed with happiness, I look wonderful,
But alas, I am the same person,
Who has not seen the transformations?
Do not think, or do not imagine,
Do not analyze, or do not reflect,
Do not converge, or do not merge,
Do not meditate; just be in the natural state,
Be aware of the moment to initiate the potentiality
Tai Chi is like clear, spring water in the green creek,
White as a Cold Mountain on a Moonlight night,
Neither Oneness nor duality,
Neither active nor passive, it is just being;
Being in the moment of Unleashing the potential to Kinetic,
That is the Supreme Ultimate.

Books Published

Chief instructor and Head of Sevangee, Christopher Fernandes has authored and published several books over the years on a variety of subjects including ‘Vajramushti: Martial Arts of India’, ‘Tai Chi Chuan: A Mantra for Health and Fitness, ‘The Art of Kung Fu Wushu’ and more

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The Art Of Kung-Fu Wu-Shu
Testimonial Image

Attending the Medical Qi Gong course conducted by Mr. Christopher Fernandes has been a life changing experience for me. In him, I have found a great teacher, a great motivating force and above all, a great human being. Always ready to help and full of wisdom, he patiently guides participants through the journey in a highly personalized fashion. His approach is grounded in theory and deep science, in addition to rigorous practice. This holistic approach helps me understand why I am doing what I am doing and actually doing it better. I’d highly recommend his courses to anyone who is interested in well-being and self development. More power to Mr. Chris!

Rajiv Jayaraman

Testimonial Image

I have always been fond of martial arts, and had learnt hard-contact martial arts (Taekwondo) during my childhood years. But the yearning for a softer approach always kept fueling me. I had read about Tai-chi and was very curious to understand it better. I began my search on the world-wide-web and found Christopher Sir’s website – Sevangee. It was nice to see a grounded approach to Martial Arts. He was our personal trainer for Tai-chi. Tai-chi was not only a form of martial arts, but also a subtle dance form for my wife, which she loved instantly, being an artist. He would couple the theory and practice with such finesse that we did not realize that we had started learning Medical and Spiritual Qigong too. That is the humility of Chris Sir, that a novice will also feel at ease in learning. It sowed a seed to understand the inter-connection between different aspects of life like arts (dance), science (medicine) and emotional health. That’s another unique trait of Chris Sir, where he is able to show the inter-connection between things just like we talk about the Internet-of-Things these days

Nishant Ambadekar

Associate Vice President, Strategy Research and Solution Design
Testimonial Image

I am very fortunate to have a teacher like Christopher Fernandes, who is gentle, firm and motivating. Ever since I started learning Tai Chi from him I feel a great sense of well-being, a profound energy in body and mind. He has given me the gift of trusting myself

Nina Sabnani

Professor, IDC, IIT Bombay
Testimonial Image

I had a slip disc in January and was advised bed rest by the doctor. There were some doctors who recommended a surgery. That’s when I contacted Sir Christopher. He understood my situation and we started basic breathing exercises. Initially I didn’t understand much but had total faith on him and surrendered myself totally. I got amazing results and the pain due to herniated disc reduced. Sir Christopher is a rare talent and someone who keeps a low profile. He understands the science behind human body which is so much lacking in today’s day or artificial training and instant results. We have now started training in Martial Qi Qong. Really look forward to take my training to the next level with Sir Christopher. Sir you are simply amazing and a great human being as well. Really lucky to train under you

Sundaresh Subramanian

Director Ernst & Young
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I have been studying Tai chi energy work for almost 20 months now, when sir recommended that I attend the med qi gong to understand the theory behind everything we learnt. To be really frank I was completely overwhelmed by the content and knowledge revealed to us. To the extent where after a time my mind shut itself off for a short period of time. But slowly many of the theories became more clear to me. Many of the concepts slowly started making sense. I cannot pinpoint clearly how this has changed me, but I can confidently say I have become more aware of myself . I have learnt to relate certain experiences to influences and how it can be tackled. My intuition has become stronger. I have become a bit more independent in my thinking. Things around me are more clear but at the same time they have surrealistic feel. People have become more defined, their feelings more clear. I can see it better now, when once I was blind. And I realised that I would like to explore this science more further. There are so many mysteries that could open doors for me and I feel Tai chi is the way. Thank you sir for. Introducing me to this science

Ms. Sapna Amit

Home maker
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As a fitness fanatic, I have always wanted to resort to a regime that only allows me to stay fit but also boosts my mental energy and makes me thrive. After attending a couple of Tai Chi classes I was convinced that such a routine completely fits the bill and makes me feel energized whilst calming my mind and body. Tai Chi is now an essential component of my lifestyles and serves as a perfect blend of mind and body energizers

Suparna Mody

Founding Partner, Chariance Consultancy
Testimonial Image

In today’s life, by simple breathing exercises, posture and meditative techniques, it increases human potentials many folds thereby increasing one’s strength, vitality, focus and keep diseases at bay. Personally I have found significant increase in my energy levels, my concentration power. I consider myself very fortunate to have met Sir Christopher who through his profound wisdom has made significant differences in the lives of many human beings – from a saint to CEO

Dr. Sunita Savla

MBBS DNB in Radiology
Testimonial Image

Christopher Fernandes is a rare find. Astoundingly brilliant !!!
It is difficult to explain how I crossed path with him, either it was providence or serendipity. Post attending his energy work session there is a continuous transformation in me, far too many to recount. Apart from experiencing my stressing patterns dissolve, the most significant transformation is experiencing completely painless periods. I felt like a special grace portal has been opened only for me and I was handed a precious gift in return for enduring excruciating pain since my cycles started. Now its absolutely painless. After 10 years of practicing and studying healing with various healing masters around the world, I recognize Christopher Fernandes as one of the elite practitioners who really gets to the root of a problem and eliminates it. I trust him and I am grateful for all the remarkable changes he has helped me to bring into my life.

Beena G Alok

CEO and Founder of RTithali Healing Center
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I was originally a student of only Kung-fu and was enjoying the hard form. Gradually my teacher introduced me to some basic exercises in Tai chi. I had read about Tai chi earlier and hence took it up with a lot of enthusiasm. I had read Tai chi is capable of curing diabetes, osteoporosis and many other diseases which western medicine could only contain, it was said that in a situation where one has to defend oneself, one can use ones opponents energy to neutralize him. I discovered Tai chi to be so much more than that. Tai Chi for me is a way of life, a philosophy of living. The principles of Tai chi if used in ones life can lead to a virtually stress free life. Its no coincidence that when one’s Tai chi practice is going well, one can feel a natural flow and rhythm to ones life. Tai Chi has a given me a much improved sense of balance and teaches you to stay focused even during the most extreme and pressured events. Even after the most tiring days, just a few forms of Tai chi bring your energy levels back up. Tai Chi for me has truly become a way of life

Aditya Raheja

Director at The Advantage Raheja
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I am an international sportsman in shooting. I was introduced to Christopher somewhere in 2004-2005. We worked together consistently for a year and then a little on and off due to my hectic schedules in 2006. My performance improved and I was very consistent throughout that period thanks to the amazing exercises done with Christopher

Ronak Pandit

National Champion and Gold medallist and record holder of Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006
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Doing Chi Cultivation(breathing exercises) leads to a clear head, a steady heart and a healthy body – this is living in balance – thank you Christopher for teaching me these exercises!

Ketan Anand

Film Maker
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Tai-Chi is an Internal Martial Art which strengthens the mind and body. We started learning Tai-Chi from Christopher about 9 months ago and the journey so far has been remarkable and fascinating, to say the least. Soon after we started, I noticed an improvement in my energy levels, balance and joint flexibility. Focus, clairty, strength, awareness were the next to improve and are still improving. The improvements I have stated, are more like side effects of the practise, there is so much more going on – which can only be experienced! Christopher is an extremely good and experience instructor and I look forward to our Tai-Chi classes with him

Dr. Sheetal Shah

Project Staff IIT Bombay
Testimonial Image

The first thing that comes to my mind, when I think about Tai Chi is “I am blessed”. Tai Chi has an overall significant impact on my life. To be short and to the point, we all face challenges in Life, both Physically & Mentally or Psychologically. I have been practicing Yoga, Meditation and have a fairly good reading habit. All of this, only to live life in the best possible attitude, zeal and outcome

Shweta Patki

Software Designer