Brain Enrichment is a self-improvement program designed to regain our harmony, both physically & mentally by:

  • repairing the brain-energy circuits;
  • awakening & developing one’s brain potential; &
  • maximizing one’s natural healing power.

A few facts:

  • Increasing the brain usage and acquiring new skills can maintain the brain’s potential even with increasing chronological age;
  • Appropriate mental exercise and stimulation can prevent memory loss.
Brain Enrichment is a powerful technique for :
Energizing ourselves by :

  • stimulating the meridian & organ systems;
  • keeping the body flexible & agile.

Building our Energy focus by :

  • creating awareness;
  • directing our energy to any part of the body.

Energy Vibration to :

  • improve blood circulation;
  • alleviate anxiety & improves concentration.

Brain charging to :

  • stimulate & energize the brain;
  • co-ordinate both left & right sides of the brain.


medical_qigong Improves Body in :

  • flexibility & balance,
  • energy & vitality,
  • bone density & muscle tone,
  • metabolism balance,
  • cardio strength,
  • pain management, & more


Improves Mind in :

  • awareness,
  • relaxation & ability to handle stress,
  • quietening & concentrating well,
  • positive thoughts,
  • centeredness & balance,
  • self-acceptance, & more


Improves Spirit in :

  • awareness of feelings & the world around us,
  • feeling whole & connected with humanity & nature,
  • living a purposeful file,
  • rekindling passion for life, & more


While cognitive development has been of interest for a long time to those involved in research and educational practices with children, a major focus on brain research expanded dramatically following the landmark work of Gardner (1983), which continues to be expanded (Gardner, 1999). Following his summary, increasing interest has occurred on how professionals working with children might facilitate development of different types of intelligences rather than assuming only one type.Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory has helped educators to reflect on their practice, and given them a basis to broaden their focus and to attend to what might assist people to live their lives well, then it has to be judged a useful addition.

In schools, teachers, administrators, and parents became increasingly interested in practices that were related to different types of intelligence development. They began to look for and develop ways to help children with diverse aspects of intelligence, including linguistic, musical, logical mathematical,spatial, bodily-kinaesthetic, and personal. Even with things like musical intelligence, many changes and developments have taken place in our understanding of what is critical in terms of the relationship between music and brain development (Slade, 2001). In addition, researchers argue convincingly from their work and others that brain and body are closely interconnected, including aspects of memory, which gives us a different view of importance of mind/body connection (Pert, 1997).




While many aspects of intelligence were already incorporated in some form within many curricula and could be easily adapted, others, such as spatial, bodily kinaesthetic,and personal were more challenging to incorporate into existing programs. In addition, little work has been done to develop increased use of the brain. While we know we use only about 3-10% of the brain’s potential,no program focuses on increasing the potential of the brain itself. Such a program now exists and is being taught by Sevangee.The Brain Enrichment (BE) Program design by Sevangee is a system of exercise with energy focusing – combined with stretching and limbering exercises for an active focus mind, building body’s natural energy rhythm – which will open up the meridian system of the body, increasing health, vitality, and reduce everyday stress in one’s lives. It also makes one more sensitive to the energy of the body and emotions in order to give greater freedom to choose our responses with everyday interactions and events. This program will give students a positive social and interactional effect. This approach will expand and develop to help the students to realize their potential power of their being as well as it will provide them a new way to see themselves and solve personal, interactive,and community problems. This will make them more sensitive, learned about their body, mind, and will- which will develop greater focus on long term goals.Brain Enrichment (BE) will have positive effects on school performance, changes in development and behavioural functions.Also it will boost brain functioning, brain plasticity, and reduce stress and the stress boosting hormone levels in the body.