Secrets of Depths

We know through various exercise regimes, we may be able to keep ourselves fit, but there are various factors, after doing so many training, we are not fit and healthy, why is it so? To know the answer read on.

When we move the body, it affects the whole system, not only the breath, the mind, the energy but also the spirit. Movement causes change, and everything in this universe moves, nothing is constant or steady. Movement is life, when we move we experience change, we experience life, we experience our whole being. Thro this change or movement we too can rectify the problem, with-‘in’ us and with-’out’ us. Motion and movement give life – hence being aware of the movement is the key to perfect health. The movement should be in perfect rhythm and harmony with numbers, too much is bad and too little is also bad.

Numbers plays an important role in our training schedule, since these numbers have vibration, frequency and light. In the original state of nature everything comes from the source. The source has light, sound, vibration, frequency and pulsation. Everything in this universe comes from these sources, whether colour, sound, music, vibratory frequency, planets, astrology, or any logy, they all come from these five sources. Every matter is a composition of these five sources. From these sources, Albert Einstein wrote something of the order of number. Number plays a major role in our life

In the Indian system, zero is not a number in numerology it is regarded as a symbol of eternity and the number 9 is beyond the, “octave of Prakriti” (or the manifested universe). Known as Primordial Nature, Prakriti is composed of the three Gunas (state of nature) and the five Elements. Going beyond this transitory nature, nine is therefore the number of the unchangeable Purusha (Consciousness). Nine is therefore the number of Purusha and refers to completion. 8 is the number of Prakriti and reduce gradually to evolve other numbers. These concepts, which are basically mathematical in nature, gave birth to the mystic science of numbers. This science starts with the study of numbers as representatives of cosmic energy, which embody hidden power and significance. Giving a particular number to Primordial Nature, calling it eightfold, and perceiving existence through the vehicles of the 5 elements and 3 gunas (state of nature), enabled the human mind to see unity in diversity and to observe fundamental laws working at the base of all existence. 7 is the number of light, where the spark of life is created. This is the number where the major change takes place from the subtle world to the gross world; you can say it is a quantum leap. All these numbers has a frequency which vibrates, and this vibration originates from light and sound. Light and sound is one and the same, it is a two side of the same coin, as in the Bible it is said, “In the beginning there was Word and the word was with God”. So also the ancient Indian science talks about the primordial sound called, “Om”. From the 7th to the 6th step the major quantum leap takes place from spark of life to spark of being in a body form, and the corresponding site is the 3rd eye positions or the seed of the soul. All these numbers 0,9,8,7 reside exactly above the center of the head.

Life in this cosmos works on various wavelength, like vibration, frequency and pulsating, and the common thread which runs around them is energy or bio- electric energy. This energy is life energy which circulates throughout the universe and within each individual organism, i.e. Micro into macro and macro into micro. This universal life energy manifests itself in varying levels of density. Each dense level is referred to as depths. Depths are state of energetic beings. They express visible and invisible qualities. It is the essence of energy. There are 9 depths; at the 9th depth the energy is expressed in its most infinite, undifferentiated form. As it proceeds through each of the successive 8th depths, the energy grows denser and gradually encompasses all of the spiritual, psychological, and physical aspects of our existences.

Depths can be understood as dimensions of beings, each one responsible for a specific set of functions within the body, mind, and spirit. All of these dimensions interact with each other and are interdependent. At the same time, each dimension also provides a direct foundation for the next. Thus they reveal the implicit order in life and give us insight into the intention behind each dimension of our being. The depths is a level of energy which is vibrating, and pulsating and slowly as its denses the energy becomes form, form becomes spirit, and spirit becomes matter, and each step in creation is built upon the preceding step. Although we define each depth as a stage of creation, it must be remembered that we are never separated from any stage, so that even the most diffuse forms of pure energy are still unified with the physical body itself. Each depth interacts with the others to sustain and integrate the human experience. In short, the interrelatedness of the depths reveals the link between nonphysical and physical reality, between thought and substance, and between the universe and the individual. From a scientific and cosmological perspective, the universe originated with the so-called Big Bang, a giant explosion of energy that created all matter. Before the Big Bang the universe existed as boundless and undifferentiated energy. Within this limitless energy were the seeds for infinite possibilities of creation. That field of energy still exists and is known as the 9th depth. Each of us on this universe are still unified, and still connected, as it were to that original potential of pure energy.

The process by which this universal energy individuates itself and becomes manifest is referred to as densing down. In densing down the life energy undergoes various stages of contraction in order to appear as matter. This process of contraction begins at the 8th depth; it is also referred as the dot. This conveys the image of a point where the vast, unbounded energy of the 9th depth begins to concentrate itself – the unknowable source of all sources. At the 7th depth life energy has condensed into ‘the light of the Creator’. This depth provides each of us with the spark of life that animates the physical body. The image that best offers a glimpse of the 7th depth is Michelangelo’s painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, in which the hand of Adam reaches out to the hand of God. Between the fingers of Adam and that of God is a little space, a synapse, across which the spark of life leaps to bring life to the flesh. The 7th depth is also associated with the sun and light, which could also co-relate with time. From the 6th to the 1st depths, life energy denses down into various aspects of human form, as such, each of these depths encompasses the entire spiritual, physical and psychological attitude of human experience.

On the physical plane, for example, each depth is responsible for the creation and maintenance of a particular set of organ function. Each of these six depths also corresponds with a particular attitude. From the blue print to the gross body, from astral body to the self body are all placed at various depths, related to each individual characteristic and its equivalent power.

6th Depth: is related to the individual soul, it is the blue print of the soul energy by the Creator; the highest differentiate of the universe. It is also the reflection of Sun. It is a source of nourishment to all our internal organs. From this depth one gets the various meridian flow, 12 organ flow, and 8 vessels flows and so on. It is the transition between the ‘impersonal’ universe and our own ‘personal’ human experience. It is the source of our personal life energy. This source nourishes all the organs, as well as all the materialized forms of energy within us. When this depth loses its balance, then utter despondency will result, and on the physical plane disharmony will occur in the diaphragm and umbilicus organs. At the 6th depth the universal life energy has densed down to become the ‘blueprint’ that determines the building of our manifested form. This progresses from our outermost surface, governed by the first depth, to our innermost physical core, governed by the fifth depth. The 6th depth is the highest differentiated principle in man and is his consciousness in an undivided and unconditioned state.

5th Depth: is related to the skeletal system of the gross body. It is the source of intuitive knowledge, when it is balanced; one is able to received inspiration directly from the universe. The densing down life energy is responsible for the creation of our skeletal system. To prevent the 5th depth becoming unbalanced, remember the following points:

  • Never judge/compare/compete/label others, since there is no right and wrong, situation keeps on varying according to the viewer as well as the affected person. Every person and situation is unique and therefore cannot be compared with anyone or anything else.
  • Never ask why, since maturity and development is an organic process an orderly unfolding. When the appropriate time comes, the understanding and the answer emerges. Be in the state of knowing, instead of thinking.

4th Depth: it represent the flow or fluidity of motion, helps to enables overcome the negative impact of mental, emotional or physical stagnation. This depth creates the muscular system, and governs the movement of water, i.e. Kidney and Bladder. When this depth is unbalanced, the result is fear. Fear is defined as False Evidence Appearing Real, it is the source of all other attitudes, and moreover fear is a paralyzing force that hinders the natural motion principles of this depth. It has the effect of slowing down the circulation of bodily fluids. Hence this depth is referred as, “The liquid of life.”

3rd Depth: modulates the body’s own inner harmony, this depth is also responsible for maintaining all the body’s individual elements in the correct proportions. It also harmonizes all the human emotions, where one is able to view life with a more compassionate eye. In this depth the blood essence is created by the life energy from the live and gall bladder. Its attitude is anger, which is such a force that can separate the soul from the body, and creates such an intense destabilizing energy from within. When the this depth is balanced, one can increase the capacity for compassion as well as one can reinstate harmony to liver and gall bladder, and all the other elements.

2nd Depth: it gives vitality and energy to the body; it moderates the essential rhythms of life, especially the inflow and outflow. When this depth is balanced, then one can let go and receive energy at an even, unhurried rate, hence it is also referred as the little breath of life. When this depth is unbalanced, grief overcomes the natural emotional rhythms of life and becomes very difficult to let go, because one get stuck and clings to something which one can’t possess. It is related with lung and large intestines, and life energy moves in the connective tissues, which underlies the skin and sheaths of the major organs, hence its related with rhythm and harmony.

1st Depth: it is responsible for receiving and processing sustenance; it enables to take in nourishment from both external and internal sources. This depth is related with digesting the nutrients, and hence it is associated with the organs like stomach and spleen. The stomach digests the food and the spleen is the source of solar energy, which serves to energize all the other organs, hence it is called the sustainer of the material form.

4th Depth is related with internal organs and the musculatures system. It represent the fluidity of motion, it enables to overcome the negative impact of mental, emotional or physical stagnation. It is the destiny that one will be fulfilling in this life.

3rd Depth is related with the blood essences. It modulates the body’s own inner harmony, and it is responsible for maintaining body’s individual elements in the correct proportions. It also harmonizes one’s various emotions, and gives the power and energy to accomplish this destiny.

2nd Depth is related with the connective tissues. It gives vitality and energy to the body; it also moderates the essential rhythms of life – our outflow and intake. It is the very foundation of life, given by the universal energy.

1st Depth is related with the epidermis and dermis or the skin surface. It is responsible for receiving and processing sustenance. It gives the necessary energies to manifest the elements.