Different types of Energy

Law of Conservation of Energy, which states, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
It may be transformed from one form into another,but the total amount of energy never changes.
“Physics defines four types of energy:

  • Mechanical
  • Electromagnetic
  • Chemical, and
  • Thermal

All four types of energy are related to and convert from one form to another.
Electricity, for example, can be converted into sound, light, mechanical energy and into heat.
Sound, light, mechanical energy and heat can all be reconverted into electricity.
Both Ancient energetic theories and QuantumPhysics hypothesize that energy cannot be studied without taking into account the mind’s influence over it.
Furthermore, energetic behaviour cannot be studied independently of matter.
From Medical Qigong perspective, the entire human body is suffused with energy, which converts within the human organism.

Light energy,for example, is absorbed, stored and converted into the various energies of the body, similar to the plants, which convert absorbed and stored light into chemical energy.
The human body possesses five energies which resonate within the very core of one’s being.
Sound, light, magnetic fields, heat, and electricity envelop and permeate our very existence;these energies sustain, govern, control, and determine our psychology as well as our physiology.
In Medical Qigong therapy, these energies are considered the spiritual reality that governs the physical reality.
These energies are observed in both diagnosis and treatment of illness.
Research round the globe confirms the fact that the body emits sound, light, magnetic energy, electricity, and heat.

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