Sound Energy Resonances: When the body experiences any type of sound, the cell tissues respond to the tone frequency and have either a negative or positive automatic response. The human body both receives and generates sound energy. These subtle sounds resonate from three distinct physical energetic actions. The following subtle sounds are natural tones that resonate as a result of three physical actions.

1. Breathing creates respiratory sound resonances that follow the breath in and out of the lungs mouth, and nose.

2. Muscle movements create somatic and visceral sound resonances that include the clicking sound of the joints, beating of the Heart, gurgling of the Stomach and intestines, etc.

3. Qi activities can produce energetic sound resonances (i.e., when Liver Yang, Liver Fire, or

Liver Wind rise, a high-pitched tone is heard in the ears. When the Kidney Yin is Deficient, this sound is like rushing wind, etc.).

Sound Therapy thru Emitted Qi: As sound waves vibrate through the body, crystalline structures within the tissues transform the vibration into pulsed currents. These currents are then conducted to the various corresponding organs and glands, depending on the frequency and amplitude of the incoming wave signal. This tissue transformation (due to wave vibrations) automatically changes the function and flow of energy in the body. Thus sound vibrations have a profound effect on both human psychology and physiology. Sound or tone resonances, have been used for centuries as an effective healing tool and are currently used as an adjunct to modem Qigong Medicine. For centuries in the East, patients have used healing sound therapy to resonate certain parts of the body, stimulating the flow of Blood and Qi to and fro, from specific internal organs to cure disease.

These healing sounds specifically relate to the Five Elemental aspects of the patient’s internal

organs. According to the Five Elements’ Cycle, each of the Five Elements has a note:

  • Gong – C = Earth
  • Shang – 0 = Metal
  • Jue-E=Wood
  • Zhi – G = Fire
  • Yu – A = Water

3 Modalities of Sound Therapy: The resonant sounds produced by Qigong doctors are effective because the patients’ energetic matrix is sensitive to the sound resonances. The modulated, yet unpredictable, nature of sound pulsation affects the vibrational structures which shape and maintain the patient’s physical structure. Once the patient’s vibrational structures have been disturbed, their body must immediately begin its reconstructive process, thereby creating new energetic patterns to restructure and heal the tissues. There are three modalities used for sound therapy:

1. Characteristic Sound Therapy refers to the sound from musical instruments (flute, guitar, piano, drum, etc.) and their effect on the subconscious mind. This type of musical energy creates an emotional, physical, and spiritual release of energy within the listener.

2. Extraordinary Sound Therapy refers to the vocal resonances used in silent chanting, prayer and singing. Such techniques include the Daoist six-word healing sound method, Zhuang Zi’s breath listening method, etc. This type of therapy uses the patients’ energy to produce the sound and inner vision to direct the vibration within the body. It is also practiced in conjunction with breathing techniques that are guided by the Yuan Shen (the intuitive consciousness of the spirit). All of these techniques are combined to achieve physiological and psychological healing.

3. Infrasonic Sound Therapy refers to the low frequency sound waves emitted from the hands of Qigong doctors. These chaotic, low frequency sound waves, inaudible to the human ears, are naturally produced by the hands of experienced MQ doctors when emitting Qi. This infrasonic sound resonance affects the central nervous system, changing the body’s neurophysiological functions. Extensive research confirms that all humans have a very high degree of acoustic activity in the subsonic range below 20 Hertz (infrasonic). This subsonic activity is similar to the alpha rhythm of an EEG. The choice of sound prescriptions vary according to each patient’s cultural upbringing, religious beliefs, emotional temperament, and comprehension of energetic healing modalities. Sound therapy can be prescribed to relieve a patient’s feelings of uneasiness or extreme depression. Music, for example, has always been acknowledged as a powerful medium for emotional enhancement. Sounds and tones stimulate the cerebral centers creating a wide range of results from enhancement of memory retention, to facilitating certain emotions, and creative inspirations.

Western Sound Therapy: Sound therapy is actively being used in Western medicine. The

following are examples of current clinical modalities:

  • music therapy for post-operative healing,
  • ultrasound therapy for sore muscles and back injuries, and
  • shock-wave lithotripsy therapy for kidney stones and calcified gallstones.

Light Energy: All matter produces, radiates, transports, or transmits light, and therefore has properties of color vibration. Matter and light are fundamentally inseparable. Matter can be considered a condensation of photons. Its transformation can be viewed as a result of light interacting with atoms and molecules. All life on Earth, whether plant, animal, or human, is dependent upon light and its miraculous qualities for existence. All living cells emit units of light called “bio-photons.” Bio-photon emissions radiate from the internal organs, as well as the body’s surface tissues, to create the body’s auric field. This interaction of light on the body’s tissues and within the body’s internal organs has a profound healing effect, especially when activated by the Qi emission from a MQ doctor. The human body produces light which is visible to both clairvoyants and Qigong doctors. Light therapy is effective in treating certain diseases because of the light field’s ability to penetrate the tissues, and interact with the patients’ energetic fields. When muscles or nerves are activated through medical Qigong therapy, the intensity of the bio-photon emission increases. The body both absorbs and projects light energy. The divine light that enters at the time of conception continues to reside in our Taiji Pole throughout our lives. This light responds and reacts to the MQ doctor’s emitted therapeutic light energy. Emitted light and color resonance are absorbed into the patient’s body, causing the energies of Heaven and Earth to fuse inside the tissues; this facilitates the healing process.

In MQ, the early diagrams illustrating the body’s internal organs, channels, routes of Body Fluids, and arteries were called Charts of the Hall of Light. These detailed maps of Qi and Blood flow illustrated the energetic organs, as well as the body’s Jing and Shen (which are rooted in the Blood). The Shen flows inside the body, transforming into light, and radiating from inside the tissues outward. The light radiating from the physical body spontaneously interacts with the mental, emotional, and spiritual light energy released from other beings. Light energy can also be accumulated in the storage chambers of the Three Dantians. The Upper Dantian is called the “peak of Yang energy,” and IS considered electropositive; it is the doorway to the chamber of Heavenly or divine light.

The Lower Dantian, is called the “peak of Yin energy,” and is considered electronegative, and the direct route to the Earth Energy. In time, with Qigong training, the postnatal Heat circulating up the Governing (Yang) and down the Conception (Yin) Vessels can awaken the Prenatal Qi stored in the brain, causing it to unite with the body’s nervous system. This is considered a. full integration of Yin and Yang energy and manifests as a shimmering white light glowing in the center of the Upper Dantian. White light is stored in and released from the Upper Dantian, where the spiritual energy is stored. Once white light energy manifests, it should be drawn down the Taiji Pole into the center of the Lower Dantian, by using inner vision to focus the eyes on the center core of the body. When the Microcosmic Orbit is completed (i.e., when the Governing and Conception Vessels are energetically fused), the first center column of light can be accessed via the body’s five Center Thrusting Channels into the Taiji pole. This column of light runs through the center of the body, connecting all Three Dantians together. Accumulated Qi is stored as a golden glowing ball in the Lower Dantian.

Colour Therapy: Energy color therapy is divided into eight healing colors, ranging from low frequency (red) to high frequency (violet) and white. These energetic projections are associated with the color ranges emanating from the body’s Taiji Pole, and range from a dark to a lighter color band. When projecting color vibrations, it is important to note that there are four levels, or intensities, of color gradations within each color. In the soft color range, there are two levels: light and a medium-light color used for gentler, less potent projections (usually for healing and cleansing wounds). Medium-light color projections are especially effective for treating young children and the elderly. In the intense range, there are two levels of intensities: a bright and a very bright color range, both of which are used for full force projection (for destroying cells and pathogenic factors or stabilizing a Deficient organ or organ area). The bright color is used to begin with, later on the very bright color can be used as the patient’s strength increases. Research has demonstrated that the use of color in Qigong treatments can effectively change a patient’s pulse beat, body rhythms and depth of breathing. To avoid over stimulating the patient’s tissues, the doctor starts with a lighter shade of color projection then increase the color’s intensity until the proper color is obtained.

Medical Qigong uses the following 8 colors for color projection & it is categorized as follows:
1. The ruby red color simultaneously heats and activates the body. Red improves blood circulation and stimulates the Small Intestine, Heart, Triple Burners, Pericardium, and Fire Qi of the body. The color red can be used to repair tissues or increase cellular growth, as well as to vitalize tissues, Blood, and the skeletal system. It is used for treating paralysis, broken bones, and internal and external wounds.

2. The color orange expels pathogenic factors and disintegrates Blood clots. It is also used in treating cysts. Orange can also be used to stimulate the Spleen and Stomach. (Contraindications: The doctor must avoid projecting orange color Qi into the brain, eyes, or Heart of the patient. The color orange is extremely potent and may cause damage).
3. The lemon yellow color stimulates the nerves, reconstructs cells, and heals wounds. Yellow or orange yellow can stimulate the Stomach, Spleen, pancreas, digestive system, nervous system, and the Earth Qi of the body. Yellow is also used in the treatment of skin rashes and tropical problems.

4. The emerald green color detoxifies and disperses pathogenic Qi. Green can stimulate the Liver, Gall Bladder, and the Wood Qi of the body. Green is used in combination with other colors; for example, shades of green are combined with shades of orange for treating tumors. Green color vibration is not as powerful as orange and may be used on elderly patients to establish a more gentle healing session.

5. The flame blue color cools the body and is beneficial in soothing and calming a patient’s anxiety. Blue can be used to stimulate the Bladder, Kidneys, the reproductive system, skeletal system, and the Water Qi of the body. The color blue is also excellent for relieving inflammation and fever and can be used as a mild anesthetic.

6. The indigo or dark blue color has a deep penetrating property and is used for knitting bones and creating “energetic casts” (used for enveloping wounds and specific internal organs). The color indigo can also be used to stimulate the Bladder, Kidneys, skeletal system, reproductive system, and the Water Qi of the body.

7. The reddish-blue color of violet is known for its purifying force, which facilitates the rapid healing of difficult infections, e.g., pneumonia.

8. White energy extension indicates a fusion of all colors. White energy is the most neutral and can be used when one is not sure which other color is appropriate. White is useful for calming the mind and placing a protective field around an organ or around the body. White stimulates the Large Intestine, Lungs, the respiratory system, and the Metal Qi of the body.

Healing through External Colour Fields: In this type of color therapy, patients are required to sit and meditate in rooms painted in the specific color relating to their condition. A healthy color is chosen in accordance with either the Five Elements’ Creative Cycle or a Controlling Cycle, depending upon the nature of the patient’s disease and which particular Yin organ (or organs) are involved. One example is using the Five Elements’ Creative Cycle to tonify a patient’s Deficient organ. The theory of the creative cycle is to stimulate and energize the “mother” in order to strengthen its proceeding “child” organ. For a Liver imbalance, for example, the patient can be placed in a blue room for tonifying the Kidneys (the Liver’s “mother” organ). The Kidney color indigo (the mother) is used to nourish the Liver organ (the child). For a Liver Excess, the Qigong doctor would use the Five Elements’ Controlling Cycle and place the patient in a white room, allowing the Lungs (the grandmother) white Metal color to control the Liver Wood (the child) organ. Also specific colors can be worn by the patient, or the patient can surround him or herself with certain natural colors to initiate healing (e.g., emerald green for Liver conditions).

Food and Colour: Another treatment method requires the presentation of food (diet) as a form of color and light therapy. In this treatment the MQ doctor makes sure that the Five Elemental colors are present within the patient’s food. Each color will start a resonance within the patient’s organs (i.e., Green-Liver, Red- Heart, Yellow-Spleen, White-Lungs, and Dark Blue/Indigo-Kidneys). When eating the food the patient focuses his or her intention on ingesting the color, light, and energy of the food being eaten.

Western Light Therapy: Light therapy is currently being used in Western medicine through the following modalities:

  • Laser-light therapy surgery,
  • Full-spectrum light therapy for SAD (seasonal affective disorder),
  • Color-light therapy for eye problems and various other illnesses, and
  • UV-light therapy for “blue babies” with hyper-bilirubinemia.

Magnetic Energy: Magnetism can influence energetic flows of energy current within the body. It is difficult to separate the energetic properties of magnetism (Yin) and electricity (Yang), as they are almost two aspects of the same energetic field. The movement of electrical currents generate magnetic fields. By establishing different magnetic polarities, the MQ doctor can influence the electrical flow in the body. The body’s cells carry electromagnetic fields that both attract and repel each other, resulting in a magnetic pull between the body’s tissues, organs, and extremities, as well as the bodies, electromagnetic interaction with the Earth. The iron in the hemoglobin of the Blood is attracted to the magnetic pull of the body’s tissues, as well as the magnetic pull of the Earth. The Earth, like the body, has both a Yin (magnetic) field and a Yang (electrical) charge. These energetic fields are interdependent. The magnetic field is caused by the movement of charged particles and spans the circumference of the Earth creating a strong electrical field. The physical body’s channel system charges its field of magnetic flux through movement, such as Tai Chi, Qigong, etc. It is further believed that the channel system creates an electrical field that attracts electrons into the body’s Taiji Pole. The Yin magnetic substances stored within the body’s water molecules align with the electrically conducting structure of the body’s channels. When the body’s magnetic energy field is low, these channels become weakened and the conductivity is lowered. This magnetic energy can be replenished either from ingesting and transforming food, air and water, or gathered directly from the Earth’s magnetic field. The body’s magnetic field conforms to the Earth’s magnetic field through the energetic exchange within the body’s electromagnetic fields. The body maintains this electromagnetic connection through the energetic resonance of the Taiji Pole. Within the structure of the body’s Taiji Pole are located two major conductive poles of energy. These two conductive poles are located at the opposite ends of the Taiji Pole, positioned at the top of the head and the base of the perineum. The purpose of these energetic poles is to absorb Qi from universal and environmental Flux lines around current-carrying conductor fields, connecting and integrating the energy into the body’s Three Dantians. The electromagnetic lines in the body’s force field begin from the top of the head (traditionally considered the South Pole) where the Heaven Qi flows into the body, and end at the base of the perineum (traditionally considered the North Pole) where the Earth Qi flows into the body. Each of these two magnetic poles (the Lower and Upper Dantian) has a different energy influx. The energy originates and converts in the Lower Dantian and eventually flows to the Upper Dantian. The bottom pole, located in the Lower Dantian, converts Jing (Essence) into Qi (Energy) and increases the body’s overall life-force energy. The upper pole, located in the Upper Dantian, converts Shen (Spirit) into perceptual insight and spiritual light. Magnetic Therapy: Magnetic therapy is also used as a companion to acupuncture therapy. Acupuncturists use magnetic patches, placing them on various channel points on the patient’s body, to induce energy flow and tissue stimulation. The negative north magnetic field pole of the magnet is placed in contact with the patient’s skin in treating conditions due to Excess Heat and stagnation. The negative north pole is found to have a cooling and calming effect on tissues. Herbal teas used for purgation, dispersing, anti-inflammatory or sedative properties can be augmented by placing the tea on the north pole of a magnetized surface for a minimum of an hour before drinking. The positive south magnetic field pole of the magnet is placed in contact with the patient’s skin in treating Deficiencies, Cold and blockages. The positive south pole is said to have a stimulating and warming effect on tissues. Herbal teas used for warming and tonification can be augmented by placing the tea on the south pole of a magnetized surface for a minimum of an hour before drinking. Western Magnetic Therapy: Exposing cancer cells to a negative magnetic field discourages the growth of the cancer, while exposing cancer cells to a positive magnetic field encourages their growth. Magnetic therapy is currently being used in Western medicine through the following clinical modalities:

  • Permanent magnet therapy for localized pain and inflammation relief,
  • Super-magnet therapy for stimulation of the thymus for immune enhancement in cancer
  • patients, and Pulsed magnetic therapy for the treatment of arthritic joints.

Generated Heat: Electricity passing through any substance will produce heat. The amount of heat that will be generated depends upon the resistance of the substance and the density of the current’s flow. Heat is generated at the electron level by the friction created through molecular motion. By increasing the motion of the molecules, more heat is generated. Molecules in living organisms are in constant motion, increasing or decreasing their rate of acceleration according to the environmental temperature. In order for heat to have any effect on the body, enough Qi has to be transferred to increase the movement of the molecules. The heat within the body causes increased electron movement, resulting in more heat being generated on a cellular level. Heat is also caused by cellular metabolism. The body’s metabolism produces 75% of the energy being created in the form of heat. Cellular activity is increased through electrical, magnetic, heat, sound, and light stimulation. From a Medical Qigong perspective, Heat in the body is generated from the accumulation of Three Fires which emanate from specific locations within the body. Within the body’s chest cavity is the Heart Fire, located within the abdominal cavity is the Kidney Fire, and all through the body flows the Bladder Fire. When the Heart Fire first awakes, the Kidney Fire responds to it, and when the Kidneys Fire moves the Bladder Fire follows it. When these Three Fires follow their normal course of energetic movement, they issue and lead the body’s life-force energy, creating and sustaining life. The Three Fires are responsible for regulating the Yin and Yang energy of the body by fusing the Five Elemental energies (stored within the body’s Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water organs) with the energy of the Three Dantians. As the Shen from the Heart Fire is drawn into the Lower Dantian, the Bladder Fire fuses with the Kidney Fire, creating the body’s True Fire. This action causes the body’s Jing to create Qi in the Lower Dantian and then transform Qi into Shen in the Middle Dantian. Once this fusion is obtained, the mind, breath and body connections all become regulated. The Three Fires also represent the regions of vital Heat responsible for the circulation of energy that sustains the Eternal Soul. Accessing the energy of the three Fires is used for cultivation and spiritual liberation, and is brought about through Qigong practice, prayer and meditation.

1. The Heart Fire, also called the Commanding or Emperor’s Fire, is located in the center of the chest. The Heart Fire is responsible for transforming the body’s energy into Shen.

2. The Kidney Fire or Mingmen Fire, is located in the back of the body, just below the last floating rib. Qigong masters in ancient times regarded the Mingmen Fire as the motivating force of the body and paid special attention to its training during Qigong exercises. A Deficiency of the Mingmen Fire may lead to decreased sex-drive, hypo-gonadism and impotency. Conversely, if the Mingmen Fire is in Excess, increased sex-drive or sexual obsession and hyper-gonadism will occur. The Mingmen Fire dominates all Twelve Primary Channels. Without it the Kidneys would be weak, the Spleen and Stomach could not digest food, the Liver and Gall Bladder would not give any energy to think or plan, the urine and feces would not be moved, and the Heart would malfunction causing dizziness and endangering life.

3. The Bladder Fire, also called the Common People’s Fire, is located in the lower abdominal area by the perineum and is responsible for evaporating water. The Three Fires are not the Triple Burners, as the purpose of the Triple Burners is to regulate the major internal organs and is a completely different energy system. The physical locations of the Three Fires however, coincide with the locations of the Triple Burners.

Western Heat Therapy: Radiant and conductive heat therapy are currently being used in Western medicine for vasodilation and pain relief. These heat therapies can further be broken down and
categorized into dry heat therapy and moist heat therapy.

Dry-heat therapies include the following:

  • Dry packs
  • Hot-water bottles
  • Heliotherapy-sun therapy
  • Ultraviolet-heat therapy
  • Infrared-heat therapy
  • Diathermy therapy
    Moist-heat therapies (hydro-collators) include the following:

  • Hot bath packs
  • Hot wet packs
  • Hot foot baths
  • Fomentations
  • Poultices
  • Vapor and paraffin baths

Electricity: A flow of electrons is called a current. Just as a current produces a magnetic field, when it moves in relation to a conductor, induces an electrical current. In Medical Qigong therapy, the body’s channels are also considered electrical circuits, and the points existing within each channel can be considered booster amplifiers (or step-up transformers) that maintain the current’s strength. Acupuncture needles have the capacity to act as antennae, drawing charged particles (ions) from the atmosphere into the body. The acupuncture needle delivers a low-level electrical stimulation to the channel points and can be used to charge up, or decrease the energetic potential of these “step-up transformers,” affecting the current along the channel. The human body is an excellent conductor of , electricity and contains both alternating and direct electrical currents. The alternating current is responsible for the transformation of the body’s magnetic field into the body’s electrical field. The direct current is responsible for the body’s positive Yang and negative Yin flow of electrical charges. The friction produced by rubbing the feet on a carpet creates a charge that is stored within the body until touching another conductor (metal, another person, etc.) to release the charge. This normal and common occurrence demonstrates the storage, conductance, and discharging of electrons from the body. Any time electrons travel, heat, or thermal radiation is produced. The biological circuits of the body are driven by the accumulated charges, which, unlike a battery, oscillate between positive and negative. The body’s system of channels and blood vessels act as insulated cables, while the blood plasma acts as the conductor. In the permeable tissue, the fluid between the cells conducts ions. A key component of the body’s electrical circuit is the natural electrodes in the capillary walls, known as the lipid bilayers of the electron transport chain. A myriad of electrical forces work within the body. Every human thought and action is accompanied by the conduction of electrical signals along the fibers of the nervous system. In fact, life would not exist at all without a constant flow of ions across the membranes of cells. The electromagnetic energy in the body’s cells is continuously being generated through the biochemical transformation of food, and air, and is circulated by the electromagnetic fields being generated within the tissues. Peri-neural cells, or nerve sheaths, carry the direct current of the body’s electricity. These cells are responsible for motivating the body to heal, regenerate, and repair itself. Healing is always affected by a change within the body’s electromagnetic field. The rate and efficiency of healing is based on the strength and polarity of the body’s field of energy. This electricity is one of the primary energy sources responsible for maintaining life itself. Bones are “piezoelectric”: when stressed, mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy that produces an increased electrical current. Running a minute electrical current through a fractured bone will stimulate the reproduction of the cells, creating a healing current similar to the body’s natural healing mechanism. Electrostatic waves are observed in the body through EEGs (electro-encephalograms) and EMGs (electro-myograms). Different types of therapies affect the EEGs (sound therapy, meditation therapy, self-regulation Qigong therapy, light therapy, etc.). By controlling their thoughts, MQ doctors can affect the current in their body and thus affect the EEG measurements, which in tum influence the electrical field. The body’s natural ability to gather, store, and move Qi increases the body’s abilities to gather, store, and move electrical charges. The gathering of these electrical charges can cause a gradual electric buildup within the tissues and internal organs, developing into an Excess Qi condition within the body. Excess Qi conditions often manifest mood swings and are responsible for the energetic circuit overloads that occur spontaneously within the body. Excess Qi manifests as a sudden “explosion” or “release” of emotions such as rage, fear, grief, worry, fright, anxiety, and joy. An excess electromagnetic charge, internally combined with the Qi from a patient’s on-going emotions can be drawn into an organ’s tissue area and absorbed by the internal organ that is in the most elevated state of energy conversion. This energetic reaction can cause the already overcharged internal organ to spontaneously release emotions. Sometimes the release is physiological, e.g., sudden sweating, blushing, twitching or jerking, yawning, stretching, sighing, burping, passing gas, etc. These can all be ways that the organ seeks to regain hemostasis.

Electrical Therapy: The idea that an electric current can stimulate bodily repair, alert defense mechanisms, and control the growth and function of cells is not a new concept in Western medicine. In fact, the use of bio-electromagnetism dates back at least 200 years. Electrotherapy is found to be very useful in relieving pain by signaling the brain to activate and alter the body’s neurochemicals. The insertion of electrically stimulating needles into a patient’s body, for example, causes a release of endorphins, and is used for pain management. Medical Qigong, acupuncture, and Chinese massage likewise, stimulate the peripheral and cutaneous nerves that carry sensory information, via the spinal cord, to the brain. This stimulation of the cutaneous nerves activates the brain’s opiates (endorphins – endogenously generated morphine) and facilitates the closure of the body’s pain relay gates, killing pain, and is the basis for anesthesia. Because medical Qigong therapy also has an analgesic effect on the body’s cutaneous tissues, it is being increasingly used in hospitals for pre and postoperative procedures.

Western Electro Therapy: Electrotherapy is currently being used in Western medicine through the following modalities:

  • Giga-TENS therapy for stimulation of healing,
  • TENS therapy for pain relief,
  • CES-cranial electro-stimulation therapy-for depression and substance abuse, etc., and
  • Micro-stimulation therapy for micro-current stimulation below the threshold of awareness,to stimulate nonspecific healing, the reduction of inflammation and the harmonization oftissue polarity.