Sevangee has modified techniques and learnings from its traditional training system to suit certain organisational training requirements. The training involves a deeper understanding of the self as an individual as well as the self as a part of the team/group/organisation.

Mind Expansion & Internal Balance: The 4 Ashramas: According to this theory, a person’s life is divided into 4 stages:

  • the student: Brahmachari/ Eagerness.
  • the warrior: Grihaprastha/Power.
  • the teacher:Vanaprastha/Love.
  • the healer: Sanyashrama/Deer.

This 4-fold cycle is present in every unit of time – every second, minute, hour, day, month & so on, with further expansion of the concept of yin/yang (dual energy). Understanding this concept & applying in an organisational framework, positive changes can be brought about both at the individual level as well as team level. Through a structured analysis based on the 4 ashramas cycle, an organisation will be able to remap their HR strategy in order to better harness the energies at play according to the 4 stages.

Sevangee currently offers the following training programmes for companies and organisations:

Stress Management – Stress is now considered to be the cause for the majority of illnesses in the body making it one of the largest killers in the world. In times of stress the body goes into an emergency state in order to protect itself. This results in the shutting down of normal functions and the overuse of certain other systems in the body like the adrenal glands. Regular stress can upset the regular function and biorhythm of the body. Learn how to prevent stress and in case you cannot do so, find out how to effectively manage stress. Sevangee offers simple psycho-physiological methods to keep your head cool when you come under stress. The techniques are based on the 5 element theory, building Eu-stress, with calmness & focus, & with total awareness.

Self Awareness and Protection – Learn how to increase awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Learn to tell signs of threats to yourself. Sevangee offers short training programmes to help build self-awareness as well as practical techniques to protect yourself in case you find yourself being threatened.The soft form of self-defence where no aggression or power is used to defeat an opponent, only understanding the circumstances, being aware & with confidence one can handle any situation. There are three levels of training:

  • Awareness
  • Assertiveness
  • Action

The training will cover basic awareness, alertness, handling situation according to the need, being calm & focused, & overall with a positive attitude.

Brain Enrichment for Corporates and Working Professionals – Techniques for employees to use to maximise their efficiency, with the least toll on the mind and body. This will cover several stress-management practices, mental focus and revitalization techniques, all of which are easily implementable on a daily basis.