Sevangee is conducting a 2-day ‘Medical Qigong’ workshop on the Feb 29th & March 1st, 2020 at Hotel Suba Galaxy, Andheri (E), Mumbai. The workshop will be conducted by Tai Chi & Qigong expert & Sevangee founder Christopher Fernandes.

It is part of a 9 level certification course. In the first three levels you will learn all about Qi/Chi or internal energy, as well as techniques to build and develop your own chi. In the next three levels you will learn how to read and diagnose patients. The last three levels are focused on the various methods of healing. To learn more about the certification course, click here.

This workshop will cover Level 1 of the Medical Qigong certification course and will include the following topics:

  • 1) An Introduction to the field of Medical Qigong
  • 2) Learning about Qi or Chi or Ki or Prana, etc
  • 3) Basic Embryology – Development of Energy body and Physical body
  • 4) Understanding the development of energy through traditional theory of 9 Depths – of existence, consciousness, and fetal toxins
  • 5) The development of the 8 major vessels of energy
  • 6) Yin and Yang – understanding the play of dualities in life and the principles that governs them
  • 7) Balancing yin and yang for better health and living
  • 8) The theory of 5 elements and their effect on the body, mind and emotions
  • 9) Understanding the Constructive and Destructive cycles of the 5 elements
  • 10) Animal Qi Gong movements for the 5 organs
  • 11) The Healing Sounds for the internal organs with Chi Massage

Dates: Feb 29th (Sat) & March 1st (Sun), 2020
Time: 10.00am to 5.00pm
Lunch time: 1.00pm to 2pm

Hotel Suba Galaxy
Andheri (East)

Fees: New members – Rs. 7000/-
Repeaters – Rs. 5000/-
UPI ID – sevangi@okicici
Remarks – Medical Qigong Level I August

Registration: Fill the below mentioned form or call +91 80825 55543.