Sevangee is conducting a 5-day ‘Medical Qigong level I’ workshop from Jan 17th Monday to Friday 21st, 2022 online via Zoom. The workshop will be conducted by Tai Chi & Qigong expert & Sevangee co-founder Robin Louis.

The training is a unique and highly effective system of medical treatment through psycho-physiological methods involving postures, movements, breathing, internal-energy work, and mind-expansion.

These techniques are drawn from a combination of the ancient practices of India, Tibet and China. The training will cover a varied system of understanding of our body, mind, emotions, environment and diet and their effect on each other.


  • 1) A Brief History of QiGong
  • 2) Benefits of Medical QiGong
  • 3) What is Qi/ Chi/ Ki/ Prana?
  • 4) Basic Embryology
  • 5) 5 Elements


  • 1) Breath-work
  • 2) Healing Sounds & Qi Massage
  • 3) 5 Tonal Sounds
  • 4) 5 Animal QiGong
  • 5) Posture & Walk Cycles
  • 6) Breath work & Sensing the Qi

Dates: Monday 17th Jan to Friday 21st Jan 2022

Revision Sessions: 3 Revision practice sessions of 1 hour each will be held at regular intervals after the completion of the workshop.

Medium of instruction: Zoom

Batch 1 (Mid-day): 11am to 1pm.
Batch 2 (Evening): 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Fees: Rs. 4000/- all inclusive.

UPI ID – robinlouis@okhdfcbank
Remarks – Medical Qigong Level I Jan’22

Registration: Fill the below mentioned form or call +91 9892665747.